On the road or parked for the season, Durasafe protects your trailers and the things you haul.

Boats, campers, utility trailers and even log splitters are at risk when you’re not there to watch over them. To keep your investments safe, DuraSafe offers a full line of hitch locks for a wide variety of brands that are easy to install and easy to use. And now thanks to our Keyed-Alike Capability, you can lock and unlock them all with just one key.

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Coupler Connect Plus Replacement Guard and Pins

  • Coupler Connect Plus Replacement Guard and Pins Dose Not Include Base Plate
  • Helps prevent accidental trailer decoupling when used with the Coupler Connect Base Plate
  • Prevents Uncouplings – caused by mismatched ball and coupler, coupler not properly secured and equipment failure
  • Added benefit – ability to lock and secure the trailer on the tow vehicle with the use of a DuraSafe Coupler Lock
  • Universal Fit – Guard slides up and down for incremental height adjustments
  • Can be used as a step

Proudly made in the USA

Off Vehicle Coupler Lock-Universal Coupler Ball Accessory


This unique accessory allows you to eliminate purchasing an extra lock for when your vehicle is unattached from your vehicle, what the industry calls an “off vehicle coupler lock”. With the purchase of this accessory and a DuraSafe Receiver Lock and a keyed alike Coupler Lock, you have three locks in one!


Chain / Chain Wheel Lock 5′


The patented Chain / Chain Wheel Lock works by immobilizing the wheel to prevent rollaway and drive away theft. Instead of removing a wheel for all day, overnight or long-term storage as many suggest, use the Chain Wheel Lock. The self-sufficient design doesn’t require a post, cemented floor bracket or other type of fixed object to work as other chain locks do. This product wraps around the frame or suspension preventing the wheel from turning.

Use to lock up: ATVs, UTV, Trailers, Motorcycles, Bikes, Scooters and many other wheeled vehicles as well as Boats, Canoes, Kayaks, Gas Cans, Generators, Ladders, Spare Tires, Gates, Grills, Tree Stands and meny more.




Coupler Connect Plus Protect


Includes: Base Plate (1” or 1.25” dia.) Guide, and Guard with Pins

*If you have a 2-5/16″ ball or you know that you have a 1.25″ tow ball shank, you need to order the model with the 1.25″ base plate opening.