Dealer Partner Program


The Dealer Partner Program offers your customer the opportunity to customize an entire keyed-alike package of locks to fit their individual needs. It does not require you to carry inventory because every order will be different depending on your customer’s unique requirements.



Each Dealer Partner is assigned a unique discount code for 25% off to be used when placing orders online. DuraSafe will supply Dealer  Partners with flyers listing all available locks for your customer to choose from based on their individual needs. Dealer Partner places the individual order online using their unique discount code. DuraSafe will build the order and ship directly to your dealership or directly to the customer depending on your preference. When placing the very first order, Dealer Partner can create a Returning Customer Account to make subsequent orders easier to enter.



The Dealer Partner Program increases profitability in three ways;

  1. Free Up Cashflow. DuraSafe does not require you to carry inventory or meet product/dollar order minimums. This frees up cash flow and warehouse space.
  2. Upsell Customized Keyed-Alike Packages. The Program gives you the opportunity to customize an entire security package unique to each customer. If your customer is interested in one or two DuraSafe products, offer them the entire line of DuraSafe locks to deliver a value-added experience for your customer. Everything is keyed-alike to their individual needs.
  3. Stock Only the Products You Need. The Dealer Partner Program also gives you the ability to place stocking orders if there are DuraSafe items you want to keep on your shelves. Order what you need. Just be sure to choose “Do Not Key My Locks Alike” when placing stocking orders.



  1. Value-Added Partner. You’re providing your customer convenience and time savings by offering them a uniquely customized security package that will protect all their equipment.
  2. Custom Experience. They get to choose the locks that they want, all keyed alike.



Contact us at or 262-544-5615 to get your account setup. Unique password will be assigned, and immediate ordering can begin.