Minn-Kota Talon Anchor Lock

Minn-Kota Talon Anchor Lock

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The DuraSafe Minn-Kota Talon Anchor Lock makes it very easy and affordable to lock up your Minn-Kota Talon Anchor. The lock prevents theft of your anchor by securing one of the nuts of mounting bracket with a locking knob. Once in place, with a turn of the key the anchor is secured to the bracket and the knob spins freely, preventing the anchor from being removed.

  • For fresh water use
  • Peace of mind knowing your shallow Anchor is secured to your boat
  • Made of marine grade materials
  • Once locked, the knob spins freely preventing a thief from loosening one of the mounting bolts and taking the anchor
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Reversible key for easy insertion
  • Stainless steel shutter seals out dirt, dust, and moisture
  • Can be keyed to all other DuraSafe products



  1. Remove lock from package and be sure it is in the unlocked position by turning key clockwise. Remove keys from lock
  2. Remove one of the top hex head cap screw nuts from the Talon mounting bracket
  3. Screw lock clockwise onto hex head cap screw until tight
  4. Insert key and turn counterclockwise 1/2 turn and remove

IMPORTANT: Knob spins freely when locked correctly

Additional Information
Product Dimensions: 8” x 5.5” x 2”
Lock Thread 3/8-24” Female Teflon Nut
Lock Width 2.5”
Lock Depth 1.5”
Lock Depth W/ Key 2.75”