Stephen F

The E-LOCK is a great product. I have used it for several years now. It gives me security and comfort in the protection of my investment. It is solid, adaptable and installs easily. The customer service is great too. They processed my order and shipped the same day I ordered.

Steve G

Great product and fast shipping. Had it in two days and was keyed to the number I had requested. No longer have to worry about anyone walking off with my units.

Jon Boone

What a great product!!!

When you have several thousand dollars in electronics, this is a must have lock. I received my E-Locks for my Humminbird 1197c and Humminbird Helix 7si and could not be happier. Not only are they easy to install with great directions but you get the piece of mind knowing that your investment is secure. No more hassle of removing you electronics at the end of every tournament or fishing day. Keep your gear safe with Durasafe!

Trent W

I have been looking for a convenient way to lock my MinnKota quick release bracket. My custom boat cover required the trolling motor be removed, so having the quick release bracket makes that job simple. The E-Lock is a brilliantly designed lock that keeps my expensive trolling motor safe and secure at all time. Super fast shipping and easy installation. Recommend for all your boating electronics.

Keith K

I had seen this product in a boat magazine so when I contacted the E-lock team with a couple of questions they made sure that the product I needed would fit my Garmin Striker 5CV. When it arrived I had it installed in less than two minutes, it looks great and will keep my unit were it belongs on my boat. Thank you

Bill R

Bought multiple sets of these and am currently protecting all my electronics with them. Simple installation and great design. Had an additional order placed and got them keyed the same as 1st set. Great customer service!

Capt Dan K

Great service, very professional and an overall good safety feature for my units.

E-LOCK® for Quick Release Brackets


The quick release brackets make trolling motor removal a piece of cake but that cuts both ways with security being a concern. I wanted to protect my $2,200 investment and this product was perfect for doing so. There support was responsive when I entered my address incorrectly the first time and revised it to make sure it was correct before mailing out. Made in the USA and family owned, a lot to like. Thanks!

Trent W

I have been looking for a convenient way to lock my MinnKota quick release bracket. My custom boat cover required the trolling motor be removed, so having the quick release bracket makes that job simple. The E-Lock is a brilliantly designed lock that keeps my expensive trolling motor safe and secure at all time. Super fast shipping and easy installation. Recommend for all your boating electronics.

Coupler Connect®


All I can say is lining up the truck with the boat trailer and hitch is now a piece of cake. I would imagine more people would have one if they were aware of how good it works and how much easier it is to align with the trailer and how many less curse words would be said when you avoid getting the trailer hitch rammed into the back of the truck while trying to get the alignment right.

Denis D

Makes hooking up the trailer so much easier by taking away the fear of hitting the bumper. Order was shipped to Canada using USPS which kept the extra costs to a minimum and avoided horrendous brokerage fees often charged by other methods of shipping.

Ernie S

This is a great product. I have been towing a RV trailer since 2011 and always had problems hitching up even with magnetic poles. Now I get hooked up the first time backing up by myself. No more dings to my bumper. Thank you so much for this product.

Steve H

A WIFE saver. If you are like me and your wife is the one that backs you up then this is a must product for you. I also purchased the trailer alignment guide/magnetic antenna with balls from Harbor Freight for $10 and the combination of the two makes backing and lining up my truck to the boat trailer a piece of cake. This is a great product that I would highly recommend to help save your truck bumper and arguments with your significant other.


Works perfectly. Backup camera on my vehicle doesn’t give a good line of sight but this makes for a perfect alignment every time. Like the added security of the locking unit over the trailer coupler as well. Nice design overall.

Coupler Protect

John C

High quality part. gives me peace of mind when pulling my boat.

David D

I have been using the coupler protect for about a year now on two separate tow vehicles. It gives me great peace of mind that my trailer is secure while in tow. I have seen many trailers on the highway pop off the hitch. You wont have to worry about that with this product and you can also keep your trailer locked to the hitch to prevent theft while out boating.

Den H

When I received this, I was VERY happy to find it was a beefy, well thought-out piece of equipment. I have attached it to my hitch system, but haven’t actually used it just yet…but there is no doubt it will give me that peace of mind I am looking for, as it will definitely not allow the towed item to jump off the ball.

I look forward to using it. Also like that I can lock it as a means of theft protection too. Definitely worth the money.


Darrell B

Awesome product and best customer service I’ve seen. Thanks

Michael J

Great product. Easy to install and gives peace of mind when the boat is out of sight. All locks keyed alike is a bonus.

Jimmy G

Just installed the e-locks on my hummingbird, 998 and the Ram mount also. They are Great! I first saw them on Ish Monroe,s you tube video on rigging out his new Ranger and knew I had to have them. Now I don,t have to remove the unit at night while we are camping at the lake. Great product!

Mike C

Awesome to have peace of mind when out in public spaces whether it be a quick trip into a gas station or overnight on a fishing trip. I spent too much money on my electronics to worry about someone twisting a couple screws and grabbing it.

Transom Mount Lock

Michael H

This is definitely a quality made lock. It fits my MinnKota trolling motor like a glove. I only wish that I had gotten it sooner, before someone helped themselves to my previous trolling motor.

Francisco G

I purchased about 2 weeks ago and it’s the best thing I could have done. I have a Minn Kota Endurance MaxX and it fit like a glove. Keeps it real secure and now I can walk into bass pro knowing my trolling motor won’t get stolen. Also comes with a awesome finish with 2 keys. Last but not least it was way cheaper here than anywhere else. A MUST HAVE. Super happy.

Bow Mount Locks

Shane H

Another great product from DuraSafe!! Between the E-Locks for my electronics and the Ultrex lock, I have peace of mind with the added security.

Jim R

Great product and what a great relief now when leaving the Ultrex unattended without any worry!


This lock works great. I can feel better leaving the trolling motor on with it. The lock is smooth and spins freely when locked even after being mainly in saltwater environments


This seems to be a well made product! It fits the bill! It’s made in the US so that’s a plus! So far, I’m happy with the lock!


“I’ve been using DuraSafe products since the company was started and I have found their products to be the most innovative and of the best quality. As a fishing guide and sonar educator I spend over 300 days a year on Kentucky Lake and I never take my electronics off my boat. I have complete confidence in DuraSafe products and won’t hesitate to recommend them to my clients.”

Randy Kuhens, Kick’n Bass Guide Service & Precision Sonar

“The company that makes locks anglers have come to depend on is DuraSafe. They not only make high quality locks, but cater to the anglers need.”

 Brad Wiegmann, Outdoor Writer, Photographer and Professional Fishing Guide

“By using my truck key, the BOLT® Locks Series gives me the convenience I need while DuraSafe’s quality and flexibility give me the security I depend on. For me, DuraSafe has done the impossible by making security convenient. How cool is that!”

 Cary Bever, Professional Angler and DuraSafe Pro Staff Member

“Probably the most innovative automobile/watercraft accessory we have seen in years!”

 Tackle Tour, The Angler’s Source for Tackle News and Reviews

The Coupler Connect® stops arguments between the person backing the vehicle and the person guiding them to the trailer ball. It makes hitching the trailer a pleasure again.”

 Jan Mundy, BWI Judge and DIY-Boat Owner Magazine Publisher

“It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! I would recommend your Trolling Motor Lock to all fishermen who own a Minn-Kota® trolling motor.”

Tony C. Jackson, North American Fishing Club Member

“Thank you again for the excellent service. It’s not often in todays day and age, that companies consider customer satisfaction to be first and foremost. You made sure I was satisfied with my purchase above all else. That truly speaks volumes for your company. I will be sure to spread the good word about DuraSafe to all of my friends in the boating and fishing community.”

Jerry Ziarko, Satified Customer

“I used to think about my trailer coming unhitched, and I worried about theft. It’s a wonder no one else thought of this product earlier.”

Tom Nelson, Muskego, Wisconsin

“It’s about time someone put this lock on the market! The compact design is outstanding. It fit my trolling motor like a glove. Not only will it prevent theft, it also will allow me to have peace of mind knowing my motor is secure.”

David L. Hudson, North American Fishing Club Member

“Your ingenious lock system completely removed my fear of leaving my trolling motor on my boat.”

Tom Salliotte, North American Fishing Club Member