Can I get my locks keyed to the same key number?

Absolutely! Our Keyed-Alike Capability now covers our entire line of DuraSafe locks. This revolutionary feature allows you to order any combination of DuraSafe locks and have them all keyed to one code. If you need more locks in the future have your 4-digit key code handy and come back to www.durasafelocks.com to order more locks keyed to your same code. See further instructions at the checkout page.

Can I order locks and get them keyed to locks I already have?

Yes. You will need to provide us with the key number of the DuraSafe locks you currently own. Have your 4-digit key code ready and visit www.durasafelocks.com to place your order. See further instructions at the checkout page.


Will the E-LOCK® fit my brand and model?

The E-LOCK® is a universal lock and works on most bracket mounted locators from all major brands. This also includes VHF radios. To ensure the E-LOCK® fits your brand check our Fit Chart located HERE

Multiple locks ordered can be Keyed Alike. Already have some DuraSafe locks? DuraSafe will build additional locks to match your same number. Have your 4-digit key code ready and visit www.durasafelocks.com to place your order.


Do I need to lock up both sides on my locator?

While one lock is enough to secure your locator a second lock can be added for maximum security. Order as many as you need and DuraSafe will key them alike.


How much room do I need to install the E-LOCK®?

Once the inner portion of the E-LOCK® is installed on the locator bracket you will need approximately 4-1/2” from the side of the locator to install and remove the lock head portion of the E-LOCK®.


Additional Security Tips for E-LOCK®

Thieves are opportunists and they want an easy target. Make it difficult for them and they won’t bother. In addition to using the E-LOCK® here are some additional security tips:

When installing your bracket and/or swivel mount to your boat use stainless steel screws with a torque head or allen head and stainless-steel nylon-insert hex locknuts. Be sure the stainless-steel screws are at least a 1/2” or more, longer than needed. Taking this extra step will make removal of the bracket screws much harder to remove and requires a wrench and special tools to remove them. It also prevents the mounting nuts from loosening due to vibration.


How do I determine what size Combo Set or Swing Arm Lock I need?

The size of the Combo Set you need is determined by the ball diameter of your RAM® Mount. Use the below to determine what size will work with your setup and order the Small, Medium or Large size accordingly. The Swing Arm Mount Lock model (SM008) comes with two locks. The EL8-2 Swing Arm Combo model comes with four locks.


Can I order replacement keys?

Yes. Please have your 4-digit key code handy and visit http://durasafelocks.com/product/replacement-key to place your order.              


What are my payment options?

We accept MasterCard, VISA, and Discover cards.