A Quick Reminder From DuraSafe: Thieves Don’t Take Fall Breaks

A Quick Reminder From DuraSafe: Thieves Don’t Take Fall BreaksThe arrival of fall typically means fewer days spent on the water, as anglers trade in rods and reels for bows, arrows and guns. Boats and sundry gear get the mothball treatment until spring arrives anew, and yards across the country are dotted with washed and waxed boats placed for sale to make way for the latest model next year.

However, what serves as a reminder of fall approaching looks like advertising a giveaway to would-be thieves, who are always on the prowl for an easy opportunity, but especially so during the slower months.

So, whether you’re putting your boat up for the season or placing it for sale, make certain you lock down the electronics, the trolling motor and secure the rig so that it cannot be towed away.

e-lockDuraSafe can help with three easy-to-use, inexpensive options.

E-LOCK®/Swivel Combo. The E-LOCK®’s universal design ensures it fits nearly all of the popular brands of bracket-mounted electronics, including chart-plotters, fish-finders, GPS units and VHF radios. Installation is a cinch.

Remove the factory-installed gimbal knob, choose the proper bolt out of the included assortment and use it to secure the inside of the lock housing to the bracket. Slide the outer lock housing over the top and with the turn of a key you're done!

BOLT® Cable Lock. Like all BOLT® (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) Series locks, the Cable Lock works with your car or truck key.

Loop an end of the cable through one of the trailer tires, then wrap it around the chassis of the trailer and back through to join the ends. Slide your key into the codeable lock, rotate the key once, and the lock “remembers” your key.

Better still, you can program multiple BOLT® Cable Locks to the same key. IMG_1756-sil

DuraSafe Trolling Motor Lock. If you use Motorguide®’s bow-mounted trolling motors, swap out the factory knob with the DuraSafe locking knob and, voilà, you’re set. The DuraSafe lock replaces the old knob, but adds the benefit of protection and security.

For Minn Kota® transom mount trolling motors, DuraSafe offers a jaw-like one-piece design that encloses the clamp screws, making them inaccessible (pictured to the left).

Locking your gear up for fall doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is necessary. A few minutes of time now can prevent a great deal of hassle and heartache later.