Top Tips To Keep Your Boat Safe

By following these simple tips to keep your boat safe, you can save yourself a lot of headache, lost money, and lost fishing time!

Use Locks

If your boat compartments have locks, you should use them. Compartments without quality locks are easy to pry open. Investing some money into quality locks that will last the life of your boat can save you trouble later when you'd rather be fishing.

There are locks for just about every other piece of equipment you can put on a boat. Electronics locks, trailer locks, hitch locks, trolling motor locks, and propeller locks are just a few that are available. Lucky for you, DuraSafe has everything you need to best protect your boat and gear!

The E-LOCK®/Swivel Combo combines two great locks by DuraSafe. The universal design of the E-LOCK® fits most popular GPS, fish finder, chart plotter and VHF brands. It’s simple, compact and easy to install.

DuraSafe’s Trolling Motor Locks offer affordable theft protection for your trolling motor. The Bow Mount Trolling Motor Lock is a unique locking knob that fits most MotorGuide® bow mount motors.ach of these locks add security for your trolling motors while you are away from the boat and they eliminate the hassle of removing and reinstalling the motor.

Cover Your Boat

Top Tips To Keep Your Boat Safe

Now that your equipment is stowed away and locked up, the next easy step is to put your cover on your boat. Most covers fit snuggly around the hull and can be clipped tightly to the trailer. The cover is one more layer of inconvenience for a thief targeting your boat.

Get Fishing Equipment Insurance

The last thing you can do to protect your investments, is to have fishing equipment coverage on your bass boat insurance policy. This coverage is elective, which means it's up to you to choose to insure your equipment. For a relatively small amount of money, you can insure all of your fishing rods, tackle, electronics, and other boating items.

If a thief does strike while you are traveling, this equipment insurance will cover your cost to replace them. All you need to do is maintain an up to date inventory of these things, and report them to your agent on a yearly basis.

Source:; Drew Nyland.