TackleTour Puts BOLT® To The Test!

TackleTour's Zander recently released a review of our BOLT® Padlock and Receiver Lock. In this article, he provides an overview of the extensive testing they performed on our products, even including durability in sand, drops, and freezes! Take a look at what he had to say below, or view the full article here!

Lock it Down with Durasafe’s Codeable BOLT System

Introduction: DuraSafe is probably not a brand that anglers typically associate on a daily basis with fishing but for many watercraft owners this company makes the one piece of kit that they use each and every time they tow their boat. This family owned company has continued to gain popularity since 2003, making an assortment of locks and towing devices designed to solve challenges and make it faster and more enjoyable for customers to experience the outdoor sports they love. One of their signature products are the innovative BOLT® (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) locks which we take a closer look at in this review.

Impressions: Two years ago we reviewed DuraSafe’s Coupler Connect® trailer accessory and found the product to be both innovative and easy to deploy. That product basically addressed the common problem of how to safely and easily back up your truck into position under your trailer hitch and provide and an extra failsafe for loose trailers and safer overall towing, as well as some extra security. Addressing everyday challenges like this are what Durasafe is all about, and with the BOLT® lock series they offer yet another solution to a common problem, this time with an assortment of codeable locks. Click here to read more.