StuffStuff Members Are Raving About The Coupler Connect®!

Coupler ConnectStuffStuff is an innovative online forum and community that allows members to test and review products and then share their opinion of the products through a built-in social sharing function on the site. For those who take part, it’s a win-win: Manufacturers get honest feedback on their products and that information is then spread far and wide to social media friends and followers; Testers get to choose from hundreds of products that interest them, providing a free of charge test drive if you will.

Earlier this year, DuraSafe partnered with StuffStuff in giving customers a chance to give two of our most popular products a try — the E-LOCK® and Coupler Connect® plus Protect. After just a few months, it's clear that those who tried the Coupler Connect® were more than pleased, as it now comes 95% recommended with an average rating of 4.3/5 stars! Reviews are available for anyone to view online, however one must be a member to access the full collection of ratings. Check out a couple of the reviews below.


Coupler Connect Plus®

If you dont have one do yourself a favor and get one. It makes connecting any trailer an easy one man job. You back up and it aligns the coupler perfect. Just lower the jack and your connected. The protect plus part keeps the coupler from coming off the ball and is lockable to prevent trailer theft. Great product — August 21, 2013. ✭✭✭✭✭

Great Product

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has to couple up to a trailer by themselves. It installs in minutes, works great, and centers the trailer over the ball hitch every time and you don't need a friend or spouse to help you couple. GREAT design, wish I would of came across it sooner and would of saved my back bumper. — August 17, 2013. ✭✭✭✭

Now that customers are raving about all of the benefits of utilizing the Coupler Connect® to protect your vehicle and ease in the process of hooking up a trailer, it's time to get it on the shelves!!! Don't forget to enter your DAILY vote for the second edition of Walmart's Get On The Shelf contest to help bring the Coupler Connect® to your local Walmart! Voting runs from now through September 2, and you may vote once per day.


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In 2012, Walmart launched the first Get On The Shelf contest, and tons of inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses from across the country entered. Over one million votes were cast by the public as entrants vied for the opportunity to be carried at and in Walmart U.S. stores. Click here to see last year's winners.