You’ve spent considerable time and money on your boat, watercraft, and electronics -- here are a few simple ways to keep your investments secure.

Owning a boat or watercraft is a dream come true for many outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard horror stories of thieves who make off with expensive electronics and other components from boats and watercraft. The bottom line is you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money on your boat and watercraft, including electronics – so why stop investing once you’ve made your purchase? Who doesn’t want fewer headaches, less worry and more time on the water doing what you love?


It’s crucial to protect your valuable investment from theft or unauthorized use. That’s where DuraSafe comes in, offering a range of innovative security solutions specifically designed for boat and watercraft owners. DuraSafe locks can help you feel more secure when you’re traveling, trailering, using, and storing your boat and watercraft.


Let’s look at a couple of DuraSafe’s exceptional lock products that provide peace of mind and help ensure the security of your prized possessions. And remember, any number of these locks can be combined and built together with the same key so one key code will fit all of your locks.


E-LOCK: The E-LOCK® is for locking up your electronics – simple as that. Mounted electronics are a valuable asset on any boat, and DuraSafe’s E-LOCK provides an added layer of protection for your fish finders, GPS units, and other electronic devices. These locks replace the standard factory knob on your electronics to the mounting bracket and eliminate the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling equipment, saving time, and reducing wear on plugs and wires. With the E-LOCK, you can confidently leave your electronics unattended, knowing they’re secure from theft. The lock’s durable construction and weather-resistant design also make it a reliable choice for all types of watercraft.



Bracket Locks: Quick release brackets are a popular option to easily attach or remove the trolling motor from your boat. But you don’t want to make it easy for thieves to do the same! To help keep your trolling motor secure on your boat, DuraSafe offers the MKA-17/21, MKA-32/51, MKA-23/53, and the UEL50 bracket mount lock options. By adding this DuraSafe lock to the side of the bracket, it prevents the locking handle from being pulled out, securing your motor. These lock options fit many brackets on the market, and all lock options are made of stainless steel and other marine grade materials

bracket lock


Spare Tire Lock: If you’ve ever blown out a trailer tire at 4 p.m. on the Friday of a holiday weekend, you know just how important it is to have that spare tire available! Trailers are an essential component of any boating adventure and protecting them is just as crucial as securing your watercraft. DuraSafe’s Spare Tire Lock is an effective deterrent against spare tire theft. It’s a small investment that goes a long way in safeguarding your spare for when you need it most.

spare tire lock


Swing Tongue Lock: Boat trailers with swing tongues give you more space when storing your boat. DuraSafe’s Swing Tongue Lock replaces the factory pin, making it impossible for thieves to tamper with this portion of your trailer. Or, if you’re out and want to grab a bite to eat without taking the boat and trailer, you remove the lock head, pull the pin, swing the tongue open and put the DuraSafe Swing Tongue Lock back in place so no one can swing that tongue back straight and hook up to your trailer. Protect your boat and trailer when you’re away from it by investing in this reliable lock.

swing tongue lock 


Coupler Ball Accessory with Coupler Lock: What fun is a day on the water when you go to hook up your boat and it is missing? DuraSafe’s Coupler Ball Accessory when paired with a Coupler Lock deters potential thieves from attempting to steal your unattached, parked trailer. The Coupler Ball Accessory with Coupler Lock ensures your boat trailer remains secured – both when it’s attached to your vehicle (only the Coupler Lock is needed) and when it’s unattached from the tow vehicle (Ball Accessory and Coupler Lock needed). The Ball Accessory fits up into the cavity of the coupler and when the coupler lock is secured in the coupler latch, the coupler cavity is inaccessible to a would-be thief. This lock system provides an extra layer of defense, offering peace of mind during transportation and storage.

coupler ball accessory with coupler lock


Investing in a boat or watercraft is a significant commitment, both financially and emotionally. Protecting your investment is paramount, and DuraSafe provides you with security solutions. From the innovative E-LOCK and bracket locks to the Spare Tire Lock, Swing Tongue Lock, and Coupler Ball Accessory with Coupler Lock, DuraSafe offers a comprehensive range of products to keep your watercraft and accessories secure from theft.


Don’t let the fear of theft dampen your boating experience. Take the necessary steps to secure your valuable assets with DuraSafe Locks. With our reliable and robust locks, you can enjoy your time on (and off!) the water with the peace of mind that your investment is protected.