My DuraSafe Story: How BOLT® Locks Saved the Day

BOLT Codeable Locks What's your DuraSafe Story? How has the BOLT® series of codeable locks helped you? What about the Coupler Connect® or the E–Lock®? Post your story on the Official DuraSafe Facebook wall, here! Below is Ronnell Smith's DuraSafe story. I’ve owned DuraSafe’s BOLT® series codeable locks for more than three years now, having initially seen them as a convenient option to traditional locks. The thought of having one key for multiple locks intrigued me. That the locks are matched to fit my truck key, made it all the better. Little did I realize just how convenient the locks would turn out to be.

BOLT® Adds Piece-of-mind And Convenience

In March, my family had a move planned. The preparation for the move itself was nothing out of the ordinary. But, the coordination of movers was a little hectic; a fact owing to many of the best moving companies being booked solid through the summer. We would only have six hours to get everything done. Anything they couldn’t pack and load in that time would have to be hauled by me. On the day of the move, everything was running smoothly and things were ahead of schedule. So, feeling good about where things were, I left my wife to handle the final leg of the move. I left for a meeting I’d planned months in advance which was an hour away.

Rescued By BOLT® Locks

lock up your gear

Ten minutes into my meeting, I got a frantic text from my wife: “The shed... The movers cannot access the shed.” Oh, no! We had saved the contents of the shed until last. Now, the movers couldn’t access it because I had the key. To make matters worse, the building was filled with large, heavy, expensive gear and equipment that I would be unable to move alone. “The key is on your keychain, right?” she asked. “It’s a large lock, too, one of those red and black ones. The movers have no way to cut it. And we only have an hour of time left.” Wait...! “Red and black...?” I asked. “Yes! It’s a DuraSafe lock.” I explained that the locks are matched to my truck key, so I asked her to look in the kitchen drawer and retrieve the other key to my truck. Within seconds, the shed was opened. Her response was priceless. “Thank God, you had a DuraSafe lock!” Ronell Smith is a web content writer and small business consultant who lives in north Texas.