Fall Outdoor Recreation

The seasons are beginning to change and as that occurs, the focus shifts from activities like cookouts and camping to RVing and hunting. As you think about trailering your duck boat, ATV or UTV, and even RV/camper to your favorite hunting spots, here are some helpful tips to keep your equipment secure as you head out to your deer lease or public land hunting spots.


While ATVs and UTVs are a blast to drive and serve a useful purpose when getting to and from tree stands and food plots, or just to have fun on trails, they are often left unattended in remote areas, making them a target for theft. UTVs are one of the fastest growing powersports categories and it’s easy to see why - powerful motors, plush suspension and a variety of styles from pure sport models to function multi-purpose side-by-sides make work around the house, farm or food plot much easier than before. The trusty ATV is still a tool of choice for ranchers, farmers and outdoors as well. It’s smaller overall size and width allows it to navigate tight trails with ease. Not to mention they’re a great way to see the outdoors with family and friends.

 However, all that fun comes at a price. And as UTVs and ATVs become more powerful and accessorized, they also become more expensive, so does the appeal to thieves. Due to the relatively small size of both ATVs and UTVs, both can be rolled onto a trailer by an able-bodied adult.

 Even during hunting season, ATVs and UTVs are left unattended for long periods of time in the woods or in storage in a shed on hunting properties. One simple and easy way to keep your ATV or UTV safe, is with a chain wheel lock. This simple device can be used either as a heavy-duty chain lock or can immobilize a wheel completely by attaching the lock to a lug nut with the supplied lug nut bracket. It’s a simple and easy way to protect your investment whether at home or on the road.

 And don’t forget that an empty trailer can be just as enticing as a vehicle. See DuraSafe’s full line of trailer locks for your truck and trailer here.

 Keep in mind that UTVs and ATVs are powerful and fast and should be treated like a car or truck. Follow your state’s guidelines when it comes to trail usage, registration and speed limits at all times. Reference your owner’s manual for guidelines on towing, payload capacity and even simple items like passenger limits. Certain ATVs are restricted to single rider occupants and also carry age-restrictions for operation. And always wear your helmet.

 RVs and Campers

Besides pumpkin beer, pumpkin coffee and everything in between, another sign of fall is the increased number of campers and RVs on the road. As people squeeze the last bit of warm weather travel in or move their camper to the hunting plot, it’s a great idea to refresh your memory on towing basics and doing routine maintenance and pre-trip checks. Earlier this year we put together this useful guide that you can revisit that shares helpful tips when towing.

 If you’re heading out for those final trips of the year, use common sense when traveling. And remember to conduct pre-trip inspections. After a summer of trips and camping, it’s a good idea to check on tire wear, brakes, suspension bushings and more. Also, if you’re heading into mountainous areas, fall can be hit or miss when it comes to weather. Consider packing a winter gear kit that includes recovery straps, tire chains, blankets and more in case of an emergency.

 Doing simple things like always locking up your camper or RV doors at gas stations and parking in visible areas or under parking lot lights can help discourage thieves from a difficult target. While it’s not always easy to remember these tips, adding keyed-alike trailer locks is a quick and easy way to keep your camper, RV and belongings safe. Items like receiver locks, coupler locks and even an off vehicle coupler ball for when you’re camper or RV is unhooked can also discourage thieves.

Keeping some of the tips in mind is an easy way to ensure your end of year road trips go off without a hitch (no pun intended).