DuraSafe Partners With StuffStuff To Put Products In The Hands of Testers

STUFFSTUFFIf you’ve been itching to try DuraSafe locks products, you are in luck. Thanks to our partnership with, which allows StuffStuff members to test and review products with minimal commitment.

Members now have access to two of our most popular products via E-LOCK® and Coupler Connect® plus Protect.

StuffStuff allows members to test and review products and then share their opinion of the products through a built-in social sharing function on the site. For those who take part, it’s a win-win: Manufacturers get honest feedback on their products and that information is then spread far and wide to social media friends and followers; Testers get to choose from hundreds of products that interest them, providing a free of charge test drive if you will.

We’re offering up two of our most popular products for testing with this collaborative effort.

Testing is currently underway for the E-LOCK®, a device that keeps boater’s electronics safe from thieves. The E-LOCK®, having a universal design, replaces the factory knob on most brands of popular bracket mounted electronics, which includes fishfinders, chartplotters, GPS electronics, and VHF radios. To install it, simply chose the correct size bolt and washer from the included kit, secure the inner lock housing piece with that bolt and washer and snap the outer housing piece in place.

The DuraSafe Coupler Connect® plus Protect, set to test in the next few months, is a must-have product when towing. Not only does it make trailer hookup easier than ever, it also keeps your trailer safely connected and protects your expensive bumper from dings and scratches. It works by placing a mounting bracket on your truck’s receiver, then affixing and tightening the tow ball in place through the bracket. It comes with a removable v-shaped guide plate that slides into the slots of the mounting bracket and “steers” your coupler right over the tow ball as you back up. Then, to ensure the trailer will not accidentally pop off the vehicle during travel, you simply lower the coupler onto the tow ball, remove the v-shaped plate and slide the guard accessory into the slots on the mounting bracket. It locks into place via a pin that’s included.

It really is that simple. So simple, in fact, that anyone who’s used the product wonders how they ever got by without it.

Testers who select either of the DuraSafe locks products to test will receive a special, limited time promotional code for 30% off any of our products, in addition to free shipping for their next order at

Not all testers are eligible to review all products. Only testers rated Level 2 or higher can review the products listed above. For in-depth information regarding StuffStuff and how the program works, visit the site.