DuraSafe E-LOCK® Gets 98% Recommended Rating from NAFC

fieldtestsealofapprovalEarlier this year, DuraSafe partnered with in order to get a wider range of reviews from customers, both for the E-LOCK® and Coupler Connect® plus Protect. We just received the results from the E-LOCK® product testing, and are thrilled with the results!!

The official NAFC results came back with a member rating of 9.3 out of 10, giving us an official seal of approval by the Fishing Club! Out of 129 product tests, the E-LOCK® comes 98% recommended, ranking highest in the categories for "ease of use," "effectiveness," and "performance."

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Check out what a few of the testers had to say about the E-LOCK® below!

The E-LOCK® was so easy to install it only took a few moments. Once I installed the E-LOCK®, no one could remove my GPS without the key. During a tournament a friend of mine tried to be funny and hide my GPS, little did he know I had installed the E-LOCK®. The E-LOCK® stopped him dead in his tracks. He said The E-LOCK® was a great product and he is going to get one. For the expense of these GPS units, the small cost of the the E-LOCK® makes it worth while to ensure your GPS doesn't walk away. — Bob, Riverside, NY
What a great idea. I think this lock will help from some body having second thoughts about taking your electronics. It is a good alternative to removing your electronics every time you're done fishing and your boat is at the dock for the night. — John, Centennial, CO
The lock is a five piece assembly (2 keys, lock, sleeve, bolt & washer). Assembly was very easy and it mounted and fit snugly to all the units I have (Garmin, Simrad, Hummingbird & Fish Eagle). 5 various size bolts and washers are supplied to accommodate various types of mounts. The company also has a combo unit for swivel mounts—both locks are keyed the same. An excellent value and quality product, I highly recommend it. — Herman, Glendale, NY
5-minute install for a lifetime of protection. A visible theft deterrent as well. — James, Fremont, CA
Love the product... can rest easy when not around boat! Recently went out of state on a fishing trip , and WOW—when I was in the store paying for gas or getting a snack my mind was at ease because I used the E-LOCK® for my depth finder. When I was at the hotel, the E-LOCK® really kept my mind at ease. Also, I didn't have to take the extra time to dismount and pack away the depth finder. — Howard, Mufreesboro, TN
This is an excellent product to ensure the safety of my marine electronics. No difficulty in the installation process. I'm ordering an additional E-LOCK® for my depth finder. A must for every anglers watercraft. — John, Lesage, WV
I am happy I got to test the E-LOCK®. I usually park my boat out in the open, and it can be an extra pain to have to take the electronics off the boat and bring them home every time I use my boat. The E-LOCK® is a really nice product that will make stealing marine electronics much more difficult. I will be ordering additional locks for the rest of my electronics in my boat. — Eric, Hortonville, WI
The E-LOCK® Marine Electronics Lock is easy to install and gives you the added security you'll be happy you have on your electronics investments. It has given me the ability to relax about my fish finder when I head into the bar for dinner and a drink after a day on the water. I know my fish finder is going to be right where I left it—on MY boat! — Benjamin, Denver, CO

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