DuraSafe Customer Service Commendation


We recently received this wonderful review from a loyal DuraSafe customer regarding some of his experience with our customer service team, as well as some of our signature products. Thank you, Edgar, for giving us a chance to show you that at DuraSafe, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, both in service and our products.

I just want to deliver my sincere thanks and message of appreciation. Last year I purchased BOLT® locks for my trailer and my truck receiver—also bought an E-LOCK® for my ram mounts and electronics mounts.

On Monday July 8, I called to report that one of my BOLT® locks started working erratically a couple of weeks ago and had a major failure to open on Sunday. I do not know who I spoke to, however, he was very helpful, and said I should not take a chance on a permanent failure, that you had observed some failures and that this was not normal.

He said he would send a replacement unit immediately after verifying my name and purchase history; today I received the replacement and that made me very happy.

I was happy to have found DuraSafe and had been extremely satisfied with the products, and the always helpful and prompt attention I had received when asking questions before placing orders. The orders were always processed promptly, and received on time and complete.

This experience of solving so promptly an equipment issue makes your name more distinctive on your quality and service. Thanks a lot, you have a more loyal customer and one that will spread the word.

I do not know who took my call and sent the replacement unit under invoice; please let him know I received it as outstanding customer response.

Regards, Edgar P.