DuraSafe BOLT® Locks: Now Available For Nissan and Toyota Keys

You’ve asked for them and now they are here: DuraSafe BOLT® locks for Nissan and Toyota.

The BOLT® locks, which have become a popular fixture for outdoors men and women everywhere, are now available for an even broader array of vehicles. The expansion ensures more people enjoy the great outdoors with one fewer hassle. Simplicity is what makes the BOLT® Series locks so great. The locks feature a one-of-a-kind locking system, taking away one of the biggest headaches for people who have numerous things to lock away: a different key for each lock. Instead of needing a separate key for each lock, with the BOLT® line, each lock uses the same key, no matter how many BOLT® locks you own.

How It Works

The DuraSafe BOLT® (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) Series locking system really is unique. The core of the concept is the codeable lock, which can be programmed to most vehicle keys. Simply insert your vehicle key into one of the BOLT® locks, rotate the key once, and the lock is mechanically set to “remembers” your key. It’s that simple. The BOLT® Series was already compatible with nearly 90 percent of light trucks on the road, including more than 70% of all General Motors, Dodge and Chrysler trucks. By making locks compatible for Nissan and Toyota, we are adding to the lineup some of the most popular vehicles on the road and allowing even more people to experience the hassle-free convenience of DuraSafe BOLT® Series locks. Visit to see the entire line of BOLT® locks, including padlocks, cable locks or various boat and trailer locks.