A simple way to keep your motors safe.

Mounting and detaching trolling motors can take time away from being out on the water. And although locks are a great way to keep them safe and secure when you’re not around, having separate keys for them as well as all of your other accessories can be a hassle. At DuraSafe, not only do we manufacture some of the finest locks around, we offer Keyed-Alike Capability. Thanks to this system, trolling motors, electronics, trailer hitches and even items on other toys can all be locked and unlocked with just one key.

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Bow Mount Lock


DuraSafe offers several different Bow Mount Locks for various brands and models of motors on the market. The Bow Mount Lock is a unique locking knob that fits most MotorGuide® and Minn Kota® bow mount motors. The lock allows you to make height adjustments as you normally would but with the turn of a key the mount is locked securing the motor inside. It protects your motor when unattended and allows you to remove and reinstall the motor for storage and repairs easily without special tools.


Quick Release Bracket E-Lock


DuraSafe is excited to announce an alternative use for the E-LOCK®. It can now be used on a number of Minn Kota Quick Release Brackets to lock up your bow mount trolling motor.

Fits Models: MKA-16-02, MKA-16-03, MKA-42, MKA-52/62 & MKA-47 

Does NOT Fit Models: MKA-21, MKA-23, RTA-17, RTA-19 & MKA-22



Transom Mount Lock

$24.95 $14.95

Security for These Minn-Kota® Transom Mount Trolling Motors:
Endura, Endura C2, Endura Max, Maxxum, Vector, E-Drive & Vantage
DOES NOT FIT: Traxxis & Turbo Pro 112