Swing Away Tongue Trailer Lock

Swing Away Tongue Locks come in two diameter options:

  • 1/2″ diameter pin (DSWT12)
  • 5/8” diameter pin (DSWT58)


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Most boat owners prefer a lock in their swing tongue versus the pin that comes from the factory. Now that you can get DuraSafe’s Swing Tongue Lock keyed to our Receiver and Coupler Locks, convenience has never been easier. Using these three DuraSafe locks together keeps your trailer safe and secure.

The DuraSafe Swing Tongue Lock can also be used to prevent trailer theft. Remove the lock, swing the tongue open and reinstall the lock. This makes it impossible to straighten out the tongue and stops a would-be thief from hooking up your trailer and driving away.

Product Features
  • 1/2″ diameter pin; 6” usable length
  • 5/8″ diameter pin; 7″ in usable pin length
  • Unique design mounts with lock head up for easy access
  • Hairpin included to hold lock pin in place
  • Stainless steel lock head with three-ball bearing design for superior strength and greater security
  • Stainless steel pin
  • Dust cap and stainless steel shutter seals out dirt, dust and moisture
  • Reversible key for easy insertion
  • Prevents theft and tampering by vandals
  • Secures trailer when tongue is swung open and lock is installed
  • Failsafe locking system, key cannot be removed unless in locked position
  • Can be keyed to all other DuraSafe products
  • Proudly made in the USA


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