Electronic Security



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UEL50 = 1 E-LOCK®

The universal design of the E-LOCK® allows it to protect most major brands of bracket mounted marine electronics: Lowrance®, Humminbird®, Garmin®, Raymarine®, Cobra®, Eagle®, Icom®, Standard Horizon®, Uniden® and others.





The E-LOCK® also works for a QUICK RELEASE BRACKET – CLICK HERE for details!


Swivel Mount Lock

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Already have an E-LOCK® and need a Swivel Mount Lock to match its key?

No problem! Determine which size you need by matching your RAM® Mount ball diameter to the images above. Place the item in your Shopping Cart and in the ‘What Code Would You Like To Match?’ section at check out, let us know what key number you need this lock to match and we’ll ship it keyed the same.

What Size Swivel Mount Lock Do I Need?



Trolling Motor Security

Bow Mount Lock

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DuraSafe offers several different Bow Mount Locks for various brands and models of motors on the market. The Bow Mount Lock is a unique locking knob that fits most MotorGuide® and Minn Kota® bow mount motors. The lock allows you to make height adjustments as you normally would but with the turn of a key the mount is locked securing the motor inside. It protects your motor when unattended and allows you to remove and reinstall the motor for storage and repairs easily without special tools.


Quick Release Bracket Lock

DuraSafe is excited to announce an alternative use for the E-LOCK®. It can now be used on a number of Minn Kota Quick Release Brackets to lock up your bow mount trolling motor.

Fits Models: MKA-16-02, MKA-16-03, MKA-42, MKA-52/62 & MKA-47 

Does NOT Fit Models: MKA-21, MKA-23, RTA-17, RTA-19 & MKA-22


Transom Mount Lock

Security for These Minn-Kota® Transom Mount Trolling Motors:
Endura, Endura C2, Endura Max, Maxxum, Vector, E-Drive & Vantage
DOES NOT FIT: Traxxis & Turbo Pro 112

Trailering Security

Coupler Lock

Coupler Locks come in two options;

  • Long Pin w/ 2-1/2” Span for Surge Brake Couplers (DCL3)
  • Short Pin w/ 1/2 Span” (DCL12)


Coupler Ball Accessory


This unique accessory allows you to eliminate purchasing an extra lock for when your vehicle is unattached from your vehicle, what the industry calls an “off vehicle coupler lock”. With the purchase of this accessory and a DuraSafe Receiver Lock and a keyed alike Coupler Lock, you have three locks in one!


5′ Chain Wheel Lock


The patented Chain Wheel Lock works by immobilizing the wheel to prevent rollaway and drive away theft. Instead of removing a wheel for all day, overnight or long-term storage as many suggest, use the Chain Wheel Lock. The self-sufficient design doesn’t require a post, cemented floor bracket or other type of fixed object to work as other chain locks do. This product wraps around the frame or suspension preventing the wheel from turning.

Use On: ATVs, trailers, motorcycles and many other wheeled vehicles



Coupler Connect Series


Includes: Base Plate (1” or 1.25” dia.) and Guide

Includes: Base Plate (1” or 1.25” dia.) Guide, and Guard with Pins

Includes: Base Plate (1” or 1.25” dia.) and Guard with Pins

*If you have a 2-5/16″ ball or you know that you have a 1.25″ tow ball shank, you need to order the model with the 1.25″ base plate opening.


Ball Cap


DuraSafe Adjustable Trucker Hat featuring the E-LOCK®.

(one-size fits most)

Replacement Keys

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You can order a set of replacement keys for almost any DuraSafe Lock (excluding the Universal Coupler Lock and Universal Receiver/Coupler Lock).