DuraSafe designs and manufactures towing devices and locks for recreational adventures. Our products solve challenges and prevent frustrations, and in doing so, help you enjoy a hassle-free time in the great outdoors.

DuraSafe is a family-owned, family-run company founded in 2003, serving outdoor enthusiasts, dealer organizations and rental companies. We set out to offer something different. From the start, employees have spent a lot of time in our machine shop developing prototypes for entirely new products. It’s paid off in numerous product awards, patents and loyal customers.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association has formally recognized our company for product innovation. Members of the North American Fisherman Club gave one of our towing products an extraordinary 99 percent approval rating.

The way we see it, strength and safety are starting points for all trailering devices and locks. We aim higher, looking for better ideas that offer greater peace of mind.